Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello Everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know I didn't disappear:) I have had a major case of scrap block! I have 4 (yes- 4!) half- finished minis staring at me from my scrap closet!
1) My Surprise Mini Challenge kit from Steffogal1 :)
2) My DSC September Mini Kit
3) My Madeline Mini Kit from StampingatTiffany's
4) My DSC October Trade Mini for Olga
I got stuck on one, so I started another, then I got stuck on that one, so then I started another- like a vicious cycle! I need help!
I have a couple of videos I am having trouble posting onto YouTube, but I should have them up by mid-week. Thanks for being patient ladies:) I will soon get it all under control!

Well, I am going to go watch a couple of videos today and hopefully get some inspiration!