Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello Everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know I didn't disappear:) I have had a major case of scrap block! I have 4 (yes- 4!) half- finished minis staring at me from my scrap closet!
1) My Surprise Mini Challenge kit from Steffogal1 :)
2) My DSC September Mini Kit
3) My Madeline Mini Kit from StampingatTiffany's
4) My DSC October Trade Mini for Olga
I got stuck on one, so I started another, then I got stuck on that one, so then I started another- like a vicious cycle! I need help!
I have a couple of videos I am having trouble posting onto YouTube, but I should have them up by mid-week. Thanks for being patient ladies:) I will soon get it all under control!

Well, I am going to go watch a couple of videos today and hopefully get some inspiration!


  1. Oooh Sarah, I know JUST what you mean. Only I call it "I get distracted easily" and the fact that I dont just throw things together I want to create something I an REALLY proud of...looks like your the same way. I have a few projects that I am in the middle of. I often find GREAT inspiration from YouTube and it looks like your already headed there. I am sure you will come out of your funk. Good luck! I look forward to your video posts.

  2. HI SaraH!!! :) OOo I know what you mean.. sometimes its just hard to get into the groove!! BUT ... REMEMBER... THIS IS FOR FUN!! :) Look at all the cute stuff you have.. pull it out.. pick something fun! small... and fun!! whats inspiring you right now!??? go with that!! :)

    hope you are doing great!! I have alot of kits 'sittin' too... several mini's started.. etc.. buy oh well!! :)
    have a happy scrappy week!

    with a grin,

  3. Hi Sarah, I have been in your shoes one too many times! hehehe! Scrapper's block is completely normal. My October DSC mini is 5 pages in, not even 1/2 way done and I've sorta lost my mojo... so I decided to start my mini swap for October... and I was able to finish that in a week's time. :-) Now I'm working on the November mini-album using the DSC Indian Summer kit... and I just signed up for the TWS Nov swap. :-) Sometimes busy is good though... it sorta keeps your brain moving and stimulated with new ideas. hehe! :-) Anyhow, don't worry... things will come along. You do awesome work. I can't wait to see your next mini! be sure to do a vid! :-)

  4. Yes,I know that to,I have a project at the moment for a couple that is going away,and it ask much work,i also have for the first time a mini-swap and i have ended today,pfffffffffffffff.
    There were two couples who get married and i had to do that to al on the same time.I am happy i ended two things today and i have the half of the project and i will do this week a little bit more,but sometimes it is too much,so....give youself a time to rest....
    Please visite my blog and my videos on youtube,maybe there is some that can help you,you never knows.(sorry for my bad english)
    Big warm hugs

  5. Hey there,
    How are you??
    Are you still have problems with your projects??
    I see you didn't write anything since octobre so,i just wanted to let you know i still think anout you,
    big warm hugs

  6. I love the title of your blog!!!! Something a bit in common. I hope your "mojo's" back...we all go through that once in a while....your blog is great and your talents abound!!!
    Smiles from the miles...